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"Bring a Friend" Promo

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Before you can register for classes or fill out forms, you will need to Log In to your user account.

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Once you have logged in, be sure that all of your account information is correct and that you have a Student Profile and AP Form for each child..


EMH offers a Free “Bring a Friend Pass” when you preorder for a guest.

Your child may bring a new friend for FREE to the same location where you are registered. This must be a person from a new family who has not attended any EMH classes in the past. For guests that have already attended before, please buy a One Day Pass for them or have their parent register for the month.

Below are guidelines that must be followed:

  1. You must register and pay for your own child for the class first. You can buy a Day Pass for your child or the full month.
  2. You must register your friend by adding a free One Day Trial pass to your cart. They do not need an account or student files to come as a first-time guest. Please do not add their child file under your account! Just type the child's full name and grade level in the Name box on the pass order form and select the Bring a Friend option. 
    We must have registration in advance so that we have the proper staffing at the park. Your friend will not be able to register themselves or just walk up at the park for this free promo! Walkups are $10 per person for new families. You may bring more than one friend as long as each one has the paperwork (LIMIT: no more than 2 families free per month please).
  3. Your friend’s parent must fill out the AP Form. Please download the form HERE for them, print it, have their parent sign, and bring it with the student's pass. We will also have forms for the parent to sign at the park if they will be attending with their child. They can also get an online account and student file and do it all online, but it is not required for their first day. If the form is not signed by the parent your guest cannot play, so please have it done in advance. You may not sign the form for someone else's child!
  4. You will receive a Day Pass in your email that you must bring to the park along with the AP Form(s). Please register early so that we can process and send your Day Pass. The deadline for advanced registration is two business days before your class. After that there is a rush fee for the pass. 
  5. If your friend comes to the first day of a sport and wants to attend the rest of the month, they can register for it and get a prorate discount off the month. This offer can be used only for buying the same sport month that they attended IN FULL. If they prefer to attend fewer dates, they can buy a Day Pass to come again on another day, or buy a future month, but there is no discount.
    See our prorating page for instructions
  6. You will receive a $5 credit towards a future sport class if your friend signs up for the full month or for a different sport month after attending. Please make sure that they give your name in the referral box so that we know to give you your credit!

If you have any questions, please let us know and HAVE FUN!!

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