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Coach of the Month

Each month we recognize a coach that has demonstrated outstanding dedication to his or her students. This award is based on parent feedback, interaction with the students, parents, and other coaches, organizational skills and attention to lesson plans and administrative duties. If you would like to nominate your coach please contact us and tell us why!

February 2014

  • Brian Kozicki - CA - Santa Clara County

    Coach Brian has won Coach of the Month for February

January 2014

  • Deano Zappia - NV - Clark County

    Coach Zappia has won Coach of the Month for January

December 2013

  • Jeff Prupis - CA - Santa Barbara County

    Track, Skiing

    Coach Jeff Prupis has a BA Degree in Business Management. He grew up playing many sports including baseball, football, basketball, track and field, volleyball and snow skiing. He has participated at the high school and college level. He was on the Varsity Track Team at Sonoma State throwing the javelin and running a leg of the mile relay.

    One of his forte sports is ski racing where he won the Governor's Cup of New Mexico. Coach Prupis was chosen to represent Southern CA Far West Ski Association for five (5) straight years.

    In his spare time he continues his love of sports and is glad to be sharing his passion of coaching with EMH. 

November 2013

  • Jason Ramirez -

    Coach Jason Ramirez is a welcome addition to the EMH Sports Team. Coach Ramirez began his love of sports and nutrition as a young child from his mother. She owned and operated a small gym where she trained her clients to live healthy and strong lives.  

    Jason attended the Univeristy of Nevada in Las Vegas where he played baseball. Over the past 10 years, he has continued his personal knowledge of fitness and health working in the industry. In his spare time, he enjoys playing on an adult softball league, shooting hoops in the park, mountain biking, fishng and body boarding.  Coach Ramirez enjoys working with youth of all ages. 

October 2013

  • Chris Mallory -

    Coach Mallory has won coach of the month for the month of October!

September 2013

  • Tiffany Lobner - CA - Santa Clara County

    Santa Clara County

    Tiffany won our Coach of the Month award in Sept!

May 2013

  • Rolando Velasco -

    Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Judo, Boxing, Football, Track & Field

    Coach Rolando Velasco has been a competetive athlete since the age of nine. In high school, he excelled in football, track and field, and varsity wrestling. In his junior year, he trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu and kickboxing. Coach Velasco continued his wrestling at Modesto Junior College where he was rewarded all-conference. With wrestling as a passion, he became an assistant coach for the Oakdale Freestyle Wrestling Club and the Oakdale High School wrestling team.

    Coach Velasco has fought professionally in mixed martial arts and became a bantamweight world champion competing in the Palace Fighting and the Cage Combat Fighting Championships. Coach Velasco has continued his formal education at UC Davis majoring in genetics with a minor in philosophy. His joy for martial arts continued there where he learned Judo and became a collegiate national champion.

    When he is not instructing for EMH, he teaches jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts, and tae kwon do. He also continues to train and compete in martial arts tournaments. Coach Velasco enjoys working with youth of all ages helping them to build strength and self confidence.

April 2013

  • Marcella Lovelace -

    Hi! My name is Marcella Lovelace but I go “Marcy”. First and foremost, I am very busy mother of 3 young boys. As a mother, one must find ways to juggle life as a parent. So, I am always trying to stay busy and focused on things that will better myself for my sons.

    Softball is one of my favorite sports to play. At the age of 10 I found my calling for softball and retired from the game at 22 years old. I also have experience in volleyball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and lastly football! I love football and since my sons are playing youth football, I love to see them happy!

    After graduating high school I attended Foothill Community College where I played Intercollegiate Softball and also received my AA Degree in Physical Education and Human Performance. This degree allows me to be a assistant athletic trainer, personal trainer or conditioning coach as well as physical educator.

    In addition, I was a cheerleader for Sunnyvale Pop Warner from 1995-2000  and once I hit the age limit, I pursued coaching, extending my knowledge, experience and volunteer (community service) work of 13+ years. 

    I am also CPR/AED and First Aid Certified, as well as trained in parent-coach conflicts, spatial awareness and concussions. I received an award for Community Service in 2002, when I was a senior in high school, for saving a girls life. She fell and hit her head on the floor and with my quick reaction and knowledge I was able to save her life and she would have never known she had internal bleeding in her brain. 

    In the year 2009, I began studying medicine and went on to San Francisco State University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 2012.

    Lastly, I am studying for an exam in youth football safety and preparation. 

    My life consists of being on any athletic field, along with many years of being a volunteer youth educator and I love what I do! I love helping any child who is eager to learn a sport or needs help to overcome anxiety, stress, emotional distress, advancing in a particular sport or just to have fun and understand the basic fundamentals of a sport.

March 2013

  • Shanda Venneau - CA - Orange County

    Golf, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Ice Skating

    Coach Shanda Venneau is no novice to teaching or sports and EMH is excited to have her as an instructor. She started playing competitively at the age of 5 years old with ice skating. From the age of 8, she began playing softball and AYSO soccer.

    Coach Venneau was the starting second baseman for the varsity softball team her freshman year. She also played volleyball, soccer, and golf in high school. Her love of sports led her to work for the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA as a day leader, Itty-bitty tee-ball coach and swim instructor. She played softball for Golden West College and then continued her education at Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the School of Communications and emphasis in photo-communications and minor in political science.

    Coach Venneau is a member of the National Honors Society in Journalism and Mass Communication. She went on to University of Phoenix and received a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the State of California. Coach Venneau's love for golf and education led her to work at Pelican Hill Golf Resort and assist with the drills at the Glen Deck Golf Academy. She also coached golf for 1st-3rd grade at the Better Golf Academy, and tutored at the Get-A-Grip Foundation. Her photography career has led her on a path to photograph many sports, celebrities and athletes. She has worked with ESPN, The NBA, and in 2011 won the PGA sponsorship Conference Golf Tournament at the Sea Side Golf Course on Sea Island Georgia where the McGladrey is being held. Shanda also specializes in photographing corporate and charity golf tournaments.

February 2013

  • Ian Mascarenhas -

    Softball, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, & Basketball

    Coach Mascarenhas brings an extensive and impressive background in softball to our sport’s lineup. He has managed softball teams for many years and has served as a Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner for softball leagues managing 62 different teams in the San Diego County area.

    Coach Mascarenhas has also coached youth volleyball and baseball for several years.

    When he is not coaching for EMH, he works for his church as a Director of Religious Education and a youth minister, overseeing programs for children/young adults in preschool through high school.  He has also worked in the banking industry and in computer network support roles.

    Coach Mascarenhas enjoys working with youth of all ages.

January 2013

  • Tim Herbertz - CA - Orange County

    We are pleased to have coach Tim working with us. Tim has received the Coach of the Month award for January 2013.

December 2012

  • Kristy Oswalt -

    Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Surfing, Canoeing, White Water Rafting, Body Surfing, Skiing, Ice-Hogar Fishing, Soccer, Softball

    Coach Kristy Oswalt brings a wealth of athletic ability to EMH.   Coach Oswalt graduated from USIU San Diego with 2 majors, Physical Education and Health.  She also completed courses for the California Teaching Credential Program for grades K1-12th.

    She is highly proficient in water sports: surfing, canoeing, white water river rafting, and body surfing.  She has also spent time teaching and volunteering for after school team sport activities.  

    Coach Oswalt has an extensive background in Aerobics, Yoga, Nutrition, Health, Kinesiology, and Preventive & Adaptive PE.  

    When she is not instructing for EMH, she teaches Classical Pilates mat routines privately and has earned a Pilates Mat certification through Pilates Mind and Body work courses.

    She also works with children and elders providing various levels of modified Pilates routines and nutritional evaluations.