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New For 2017-2018

Welcome to EMH Sports! We are always striving to improve our program and customer experience. We take your feedback into account when planning our schedules, designing our sports classes, hiring instructors, and improving our registation process.

For the 2017-2018 school year, please note the following changes...

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Join us in April for

Track and Field Days!

Everyone can enjoy

Flag Football

in October!

Big Fun and Big Smiles -

That's Our Goal!

Too much on your plate?

Let us do all the work!

Bring a Friend to Class!

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Our Students LOVE Playing

Nerf Dodgeball!

Join us in February for this popular sport!

Join us on the Field!

Registration is now open for September - May.
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Have you heard of

Field Handball?


This will be our NEW sport for March, replacing Volleyball.

Watch the video to see how it is played...


See Course Descriptions for a full description of our sports classes.

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1) Notice #121524 - Check Your Registration Online!


updated Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Did you know that your account has a My Status page?

You can always see your orders and class signup status! Green and Red flags indicate which children are cleared for each sport.

If you click on your class title in blue, you will see all of your sports class dates for the whole year. Or visit PE Dates to find your date list.

2) Notice #108449 - Order Priority Notice


updated Fri, Sep 15, 2017

ATTENTION: Please order early!

Due to the volume of orders we get the week before class, if you wait and order in the final week of a month your order may not be processed until the night before your class. Our priority in the final week is to process orders for the upcoming day. All orders for the next day will be processed but it may be after midnight!

Thank you for your patience.