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By admin - Posted on 31 July 2020

EMH Sports offers discounts at the following rates for PREPAID classes only. (If using school funds, a full month's prepaid deposit is required for each class you want discounted. Schools do not prepay even if we get a PO.)

  1. earlybird orders (ordered and paid by the 20th of prior month). 
  2. bulk orders (4 or more classes ordered and paid at same time, for same month or multiple months, can be different students but in same family). 
  3. our sibling discount is for 3 or more siblings ordering out of pocket only, in same month and class. The first 2 students are regular price (can also used discount #1 or #2). Student #3, 4, 5, etc can get a special pricing - see below)
  4. Discounts cannot overlap. Please choose the one that works best for your family.
  5. We do NOT PRORATE unless we fail to offer 4 sessions.

The regular price for all VIRTUAL group classes is $35

  • the discounted price in all cases (#1, 2, and 3) is $32. 
  • we do not offer single day passes for virtual classes.

The regular price for all REGULAR IN-PERSON classes is $40.
Deluxe classes (1 makeup) are $45.
Premium (2 makeups) are $50.

  • Discounts #1 and #2 are $36/$41/$46
  • Sibling pricing (child #3, 4, 5...only) is $32/$37/$42

There are no discounts for single day in-person passes, although they are cheaper when ordered online in advance or in packs of 10. We do not encourage walk-up registration!

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Pricing Sheet

For full explanation of prices, see Cost page

First price is regular price, followed by discount in green.

For Prorating (only when we do not offer full 4 weeks), see Prorate page.

Economy PE $40/$36
Deluxe PE $45/$41
Premium PE $50/$46
Dec - ECON $30/$27
Dec - DLX $35/$32
Dec - PREM $40/$37
Sibling 3+  $32/$37Dlx/$42Prem
Virtual $35/$32
Day Pass $15 (at park) /$12
Multipack (10 passes) $100
Makeup  $7.50
30 min extension $5/$4.50 disc/$4 sib
RUSH FEE $5 (max $10)