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From the Founders of EMH Sports

Dear Parents/Guardians:

EMH Sports USA wants to thank you for your interest in our Physical Education and Sport’s Clinics/Camps for children and young adults. Our company provides very affordable physical education classes for charter and homeschooled students at 100 different locations in California and Nevada. We have provided PE and sport classes for over 90,000 homeschooled students since the inception of our company in 2003.

Participating in sports activities have many physical and social benefits for young athletes. Building self-esteem and camaraderie, developing problem-solving skills in a team setting, and improving motor skills and coordination are a few of the bonuses. Young athletes can learn how to do their best, strive for excellence and improve their individual talents with perseverance, hard work, practice and determination.

You can be assured that your child/children will receive excellent instruction from our coaches who have years of experience in their sports discipline. Many have been college and professional players and have proven to have an interest in working with children and young adults. Our outstanding coaches take an individual interest in each child regardless of their ability.

We look forward to interacting with your child/children in our programs. 
If you have any questions or want to learn about our other sports programs, please let us know.

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