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Dancing Your Way to a Better You

Dancing can be a most enjoyable form of exercise. But, what most people don't know is that it also has a large number of health benefits. Dancing is a great full-out mind and body workout. It can make your body and soul feel good in a way that no other exercise can. The benefits of dancing are like no other. It can strengthen and tone your body, increase stamina and flexibility, improve balance and posture, and produce confidence among other things.


In the last number of years the most popular forms of dance have included both males and females of all ages. Whether it be ballet, tap, clogging, hip-hop, jazz or ballroom - dancing can be a great form of exercise for anyone.


Researchers are learning that regular physical activity in general can help keep your body, including your brain, healthy as you age. Exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that encourage nerve cells to grow. And dancing that requires you to remember dance steps, combinations and sequences boosts brainpower by improving memory skills.

Any kind of dance has you using all the different parts of your body. This also means that all the different muscles in your body are being used. This helps to strengthen and tone your muscles without hurting your joints. It also helps to strengthen bones, and tone your entire body.

Overall, dancing has become a well-known form of exercise.

So if you're looking for a fun way to stay fit and healthy, it might be time to kick up your heels!



Lisa Burnes

Lisa Burnes

Lisa Casullo Burnes has been teaching all styles of dance and fitness for over 25 years. Conducting Master Dance Classes, working with Performing Arts Camps, teaching at numerous dance studios across the country and for many City Parks and Recreation. Lisa so enjoys bringing her love of dance and sports to all students.

She has traveled extensively with numerous dance and revue shows worldwide such as “Will Roger’s Follies”, “Annie”, “The Nutcracker” and “West Side Story”. For three years in a row, Lisa has starred as a Radio City Rockette in “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” show.

As a teen, Lisa played ice hockey, basketball and even lettered in Indoor Track her Senior year of high school all while continuing to study dance.

As a choreographer, Lisa has created pieces for Busch Gardens Theme Park and the stage productions of “Nunsense”, “Godspell”, “Cinderella”, “Plain & Fancy”, “The Chipper Show”, “Pride and Prejudice: The Musical” and “The Chipper Lowell Experience”.

Sports Expertise: 
Dance, Choreography, Track and Field, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball
COTM date: 
September 2012
Job Title: 
Regional Manager - Orange County

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