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Paying for Classes

The cost of our classes varies depending on what you are ordering.

We also have earlybird and bulk discounts.


Please register first, then arrange payment!

Payment Options

EMH instructors/personnel will not be able to take funds or registration forms from you or discuss your registration issues. Order forms, permission forms, payments, and any other paperwork needs to be completed online in advance. If you come to a class and try to pay the coach, they will ask you to register and pay the balance online. 

IMPORTANT! Late fees will be assessed if paying after our deadline (2 business days before class).

To pay for your classes you have several options:

Confirmation of Enrollment

Once your student is enrolled with EMH Sports, you may receive one or more emails.*

  1. If you paid online, a copy of your order invoice is sent as soon as you place your order. This is NOT a confirmation of registration. PayPal may also send you a receipt.
  2. If you are missing anything you will be contacted via email.
  3. You can check your registration status online under your account pages. From there you can print out a confirmation page if you wish but it is not usually necessary. Our rosters are sent to the coach the night before each class meeting.
  4. A week or more before class we send out a reminder that new classes are starting soon. You can check your actual class dates and the class status online on your class page (blue links that list the class title go directly to the class page when clicked), and you can check your own status on your My Status page under your account.
  5. In certain situations a class location or status may change (weather, park closure, low enrollment, etc), so please check your class page before coming to the park! We also try to send out notices to everyone on our list, so please check your email!

*If you are not getting email from us regularly, we either do not have your correct email address, or your email provider is blocking our messages. Please check your spam, contact us or update your contact information.



Please note that EMH Sports and your school have expectations that you will attend once you sign up. If you sign up and then drop out, we must be notified by you personally in writing before our deadline. Do not expect your school or your coach to cancel your order for you. Cancellation fees and additional charges will apply if you do not come or cancel in a timely manner so that we can remove you from the rosters. We hire our coaches and pay our fees, send equipment, etc, based on the headcount for each class, so please communicate if you are not coming.

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