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Policies and Procedures

Special Needs Students

While EMH is a fully inclusive PE program that is open to students with special needs, the child must be able to function in the class without hampering instruction or requiring assistance from the PE instructor. If directed by an individualized education program (IEP), EMH can provide one of our Adapted Physical Education instructors for one-on-one lessons or have the instructor assigned to shadow the student during a regular PE class. APE services must be approved through the child's homeschool charter and contracted with us before this service can be provided. 

See also FAQ

The following procedures will be followed at each P.E. Class:

  1. Registration
    Our regular PE classes are for grades preK-12 See guidelines for PreK
    All returning and new participants must register by placing an order with EMH (not your school) before attending a new sport class. Only students whose names are on the roster will be allowed to attend the classes, so please do not show up at any park until your order has been processed. If your child/children’s name is not on the roster, they may not be able to play that day, or they may have to pay an extra fee.  You can check your status page online to see the status of your registration.

    The rosters will be updated weekly, so you can register at any time, but keep in mind we do not prorate for missed classes. If you register late, or want to attend a makeup session, you will have to pay additional fees and go through additional procedures or buy individual day passes. We do not guarantee that anyone will be able to process your late registration after our 5:00 PM deadline passes, but we will do our best!

    An athletic participation form is required each school year and it must be completed in full for each child. This form will need to be submitted to EMH before your child can participate. Please make sure you have submitted all required forms and payments before arriving at the park with your child. Our instructors need to spend class time teaching and will not be able to help you with registration at the park.
  2. Late Registration
    EMH Sports needs time to process your order and prepare our rosters. Orders for the same day or next day are considered RUSH orders and have an extra fee. If you register on the last day and want to play that week, you must pay a RUSH fee out of pocket or wait until the next week. EMH Sports does not charge any additional late fees for registering mid-sport, nor do we prorate or credit for missed classes. You can buy the month and then purchase a Makeup Pass if you want to make up the missed dates, or you can buy One Day Passes for just the weeks you will attend (see below).
  3. Non-Registered Students
    If you come to the park with a non-registered student (i.e. not placing an order on our website for that month), even if you signed up for payment with your school, a per child participation fee will be collected at the park. In some cases you might get a partial credit later, but please try not to come to the park without registering. Check your status page to make sure you know which months are paid, and handle all questions online and through our office well before class starts.
  4. Missing or Partial Payments
    If your payment has not been received or was not sufficient please take care of this before coming to class. Your online My Status page will tell you if your child is clear (green flag) or pending (red flag). If you come to the park the coach will not have this information or be able to look up your account, and you will have to pay a flate-rate participation fee for the day. Any balance will be applied to your account later as a credit.
    If your school is paying but has not cleared your child you will need to make a deposit.
  5. One Day Passes
    EMH Sports offers Day Passes for several situations:
       1. Make ups for a class you paid for but missed. Some are given free (such as rain days) and some must be purchased (illness, field trips, etc).
       2. Trial Classes are available for visitors, young children, new families, or anyone wanting to try out one day. They must be purchased in advance. Walk-up registration is available but not encouraged since it takes longer for both you and the coach
       3. Single dates can be purchased if you want to attend less than a full month or more around to various parks. We sell One-Day Passes and Multipacks.
  6. Changing Locations
    Keep in mind that if you register your child/children for a particular park location, your child/children will be expected to finish out the class at that location until a new sport class commences. Extra fees will apply to make changes to the roster mid-month.  We do also sell one day passes if you are enrolled but want to attend another location or buy a make-up day. See also Change My Order
  7. Refunds and Prorating
    EMH Sports does not prorate our monthly price or offer refunds or partial refunds for missed weeks unless class was not held by our staff.  Once payment is made, you are reserving a space for your child/children for that sport month.  However, for an additional fee you may purchase a Makeup Pass to attend a make-up session. If you want to attend fewer dates you can purchase single days instead. If you wish to cancel please do so before class begins (see below). In most cases we do not issue refunds unless we cancel class, but the balance will be available as a credit. See also Change My Order .
    Please see our complete policy on the Refunds/Credits page.
  8. Missed Classes
    We expect that there will be times when your child will miss a class, and we offer makeup passes (see above) for purchase should you wish to make up a paid class. When you purchase a month of a sport it is at a discounted rate and free makeups are not offered except with the Deluxe and Premium PE Classes. Illnesses, injuries, and family emergencies will be considered "unplanned absences" and field trips, appointments, family vacations, personal holidays, poor weather when class is still held, etc are "planned absences" but they are all treated as the same under our policy. When EMH holds class on a day that you must miss, we will not issue credits for that day. 
    If EMH cancels class you will receive a makeup day, free makeup pass credit, or account credit if we receive your request in writing within 30 days.

    Unused Day Passes are under a separate policy and they can be credited or reissued within 7 days of the date on the pass at no extra fee. After 7 days fees will apply to cancel or change a pass.
  9. Cancellations
    All cancellations after you order on our website must be submitted in writing (email) to our office before a sport begins in order to avoid fees. Please do not just tell the coach or fail to show up and expect that we will know your intent. If you cancel an order before the class starts, there is no charge to you. However, once class has begun dates already passed will be charged the one day price. 
    This fee stops accumulating once we receive notice. If you were using school funds, you may need to pay this fee out of pocket!

    Unused Day Passes can be credited or reissued within 7 days of the date on the pass at no extra fee. After 7 days fees will apply to cancel or change a pass.
  10. Rain/Weather Policy
    EMH will not always be able to notify all our parents in time if a class session is postponed due to rain or other bad weather.  If it has rained the day before your class or is raining before class starts, please check your park page or the website cancellation page or call the cancellation hotline phone number listed on the website. We do send an email whenever possible, so please make sure your spam controls will accept a bulk message.
    Sometimes, due to changing weather conditions or a city employee decision, a class must be cancelled after the instructor arrives or starts class. In all cases we will issue a makeup day or credit for a cancelled class. Don’t forget to check the makeup page to see when your class session is being rescheduled.
    Makeup scheduling depends on coach and park availability and may not work with your schedule. Please contact us if you cannot attend a makeup day and you will receive other options.
    If you decide to stay home and class is held, no free credits will be issued for those dates. It will be considered as a personal absence.
  11. Extreme Heat
    For most high temperature days we still have classes. If the instructor deems that it is too hot, they will call off the class. Frequent water breaks will be given throughout the session and the instructors will tell the children that if they are tired and need to sit out they can let the coach know. If you wish to skip class and attend a makeup date at another location, you will need to pay for a Makeup  Pass. We will not issue credits unless we cancel class.
  12. Roll Call
    Please bring children to where the EMH staff sets up for instruction before each class. The staff will take the children to the field from this launching location. Roll Call will be broken down by grade level so children need to check in with their coach. No child will be permitted to play unless they are on the roster or the parent has a Day Pass. If not on the list, you will need to check with the lead coach or call our office. 
  13. Late Arrivals
    Students arriving late must check in with the instructor before joining the group. If your child is not clear to play they will have to sit out until a water break so that the coach can address registration issues.
  14. Parents Leaving the Park
    EMH would prefer that parents don’t leave the park area during the P.E. classes. We require a parent's visible presence for our PreK Program! See guidelines for PreK. For older students, if you must leave, please sign the check-in book and be sure to let the EMH staff know who your child/children are. It is imperative that you also sign your child/children out before they leave the park. Please pick your children up at the conclusion of the class. As our instructors have other obligations after class, your assistance in picking up your child/children on time is greatly appreciated.
    If you send your child with another family please make sure they are cleared to play and that the responsible parent is aware of any issues. We do not allow children to be dropped off and we have no special waivers to allow them to come on their own.
  15. Illness
    Please do not bring children to class if they are ill. We expect that minor colds and allergies will be common, and as long as they do not seem severe enough to affect participation we can allow that child in class. However we do not permit a child in class who has a fever, recent vomiting, contagious cough, rash, etc. until their symptoms are clear or their doctor has cleared them to play. We do not issue refunds or credits for missed days due to illness unless it will be lengthy. If so, please contact our office.
  16. Team Levels
    The team breakdown is different depending on registration at that park. Parks with low attendance may have a wider range of ages and abilities in a group than larger parks.
    Also, some children are better able to focus on a certain activity than others. Because of this, we may put children who excel in the sport into an older group more in line with their skills. This does not mean, however, that they will remain with the older group for other activities. Sometimes we are not able to place a child in an older group due to the type of sport for liability purposes. Our goal is for the children to learn, but to also have fun. Besides getting exercise, they are socializing, learning valuable skills and making new friends.
    The final decision regarding team assignments rests with the coach and the main office, so please help your child accept whatever team they are placed on and strive for fun and good sportmanship.
  17. Younger Children (12 and under)
    For parents with very young children, we require that a parent remains at the park. Parents may participate on the field/court with the PreK ages ONLY. We do not allow parents on the field for K-12. See guidelines for PreK
    Please take all young children to the restroom before the class commences. Once the instructor is conducting class, they cannot leave the group for bathroom breaks unless a parent is with them. Only 5th graders and up will be allowed to use the park restrooms unescorted. Our coaches do not have the ability to watch a child who leaves the field during or after class, so please make sure a responsible person is nearby who can watch your child if you are not there. We DO NOT check people coming to the park to see who picks up your child.
  18. Water Breaks
    Water breaks occur several times during the instruction. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY HAVE WATER. As EMH staff cannot escort the many children to their parents or to the water fountain, so please bring a water bottle with your child’s name on it. Only 5th-12th graders will be allowed to go to the water fountains unescorted.
  19. Dress Code
    As our classes are Co-ed and we want our participants to be safe during play, we have suggested your child/children wear modest, comfortable, well-fitting attire to our P.E. classes, i.e., T-shirts, shorts, sweat pants and a gym-type shoe. Clothing that is not permissible are: sagging pants, midriff-showing shirts, T-shirts without sleeves, tank tops, metal cleats, sling sandals, toeless sandals, bare feet, and boot shoes.
  20. PE Etiquette
    Please note that EMH Sports has zero tolerance for bad language and disruptive behavior in our classes. We pride ourselves in teaching good sportsmanship and fostering team work among the participants of our programs. Our goal is for all students to have a fun-filled time in our P.E. and sport activities. 

    For disruptive behavior, our coaches will follow the listed guidelines:
    1. Instructor will first give a verbal warning.

    2. Instructor will ask student to apologize to offended student and to take a time out.

    3. If the student continues with their course of disruptive behavior, they will be suspended from the class until a parent/instructor or parent/admin conference is conducted. All students will be requested to write a letter of apology to the instructor or instructors before they can be admitted back to class.

    4. EMH will not accept any disrespectful or threatening gestures of any fashion towards our instructors. We have the right to refuse or remove any student from our classes if any situation occurs that warrants this action.

  21. Equipment
    In most cases, EMH Sports provides all equipment necssary for each sport. If you have equipment that you would like to bring for a certain sport (e.g. baseball glove, helmet, basketball, etc) please write your child's name clearly on the equipment. We are not responsible for lost items left at the park.
  22. Parent Suggestions/Questions
    EMH welcomes parent feedback. We ask however, that you limit your questions to before and after class. Once our staff is on the field, their main focus has to be on the participants. If you have specific questions, please contact us.