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Deluxe/Premium Classes


EMH Sports offers 3 levels of classes:

  1. Economy (no makeups)
  2. Deluxe (1 makeup)
  3. Premium (2 makeups)

It is our desire to be able to have enough student enrollment to play a good game, and also to send at least 2 coaches and break up our students into appropriate age groups.

As a general guideline, each location must have at least 20 students to continue to pay for itself, more if there is a high park permit fee from the city. When that has not yet occurred at a location, sometimes we must send only 1 coach and/or increase our pricing so that we can keep a location open.

Although you can buy the 2nd and 3rd level classes at any location if you want makeup options, sometimes we remove 1 or more options and only offer the higher pricing levels. This can happen in several situations...

  1. A new location that doesn't have enough students to support it strongly yet, but families want to get it going in hopes that it will grow.
  2. A location that has low enrollment for certain sports but parents still want to keep it running.
  3. A group of parents that like a small class size.
  4. A small field that can't support a huge class.
  5. A class with a high permit fee that is still desired by the families.

For locations that have fewer than 20 students registered, we offer the Deluxe and/or Premium Class options rather than cancelling the class. All students pay the higher class price until enrollment increases. If you cannot find your class location on our Economy product, please check our locations list or your class page for the pricing symbol and buy the appropriate higher level product.



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