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Registration Process

By admin - Posted on 31 July 2020

Before you can sign up for classes, you need...

  1. a personal account
  2. student profiles
  3. AP Forms

Once you have created all of those you will not need to do it again (other than AP form once per year), and all of the details will autofill.

When you are ready to register for classes, please...

  1. log in to your account
  2. fill out a Registration Form for each class
  3. send payment either by mail (check or money order), or have your school pay us (you must arrange that with them), or use our website to Make a Payment via PayPal (PayPal can also process a bank transfer or credit card).

ALL STUDENTS register in this manner, even if your school is paying for classes. If you are using school funds select your school name as the payment method on the registration form. 

User login

Pricing Sheet

For full explanation of prices, see Cost page

To check if you qualify for discounts, see discount 

For Prorating (only when we do not offer full 4 weeks), see Prorate page.

Economy PE $40/$36

Deluxe PE $45/$41

Premium PE $50/$46

Dec - ECON $30/$27

Dec - DLX $35/$32

Dec - PREM $40/$37

Sibling 3+ $32/$37Dlx/$42Prem


Day Pass $12 

Makeup $7.50

30 min extension $5/$4.50 disc/$4 sib  

RUSH FEE $5 (max $10)