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Trial Class

For anyone who would like to try out our program for one day we do offer a one day "Trial Class."

This can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • You would like to see how our program works before committing to a full month.
  • Your child is not sure about a sport and wants to just try the first day.
  • You have a young child that might not be ready, but would like to try.
  • You would like to bring a friend or cousin for one day.
  • You would like to try out a new location.
  • You are just in town for the day and want to play with us.

Before you can sign up for a trial class, you need a personal account, student profiles, and AP Forms. When you have completed your enrollment forms, please log in to your account and purchase a trial class . You can find the item on the "Place an Order" page.  You will need to buy one for each child. When your purchases are in the cart, proceed to checkout. Trial classes must be prepaid - no vouchers or POs unless we get them before class or you make a deposit.

*Note: The parent or guardian of the student must create the account. If you are inviting a friend or relative please make sure that child's guardian fills out all of the information and signs the AP form.

If you decide that you would like to finish out the remaining weeks for that sport after you purchase a trial class, the cost of one day can be applied to your order if you buy the whole month.

***This offer only applies to the same sport that you attended, for a full month of PE, and is only for online orders! If you buy single day passes or a different month, or try to register with the coach at the park, no credit will apply.

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