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Participants will practice dribbling, passing/receiving, and finishing/shooting drills. There will also be plenty of fun exercises to enhance motor coordination. Proper footwork, positional play, crosses, distribution and a number of other techniques will be covered. Games will be played at each class.



Students will participate in fun contests such as steal the flag, punt, pass and kick. Introduction to football fundamentals along with position specific responsibilities will be emphasized. PE football is co-ed and is a non-contact class, so no football equipment is needed. Flag football games will be played daily to reinforce lessons taught. The lesson plan is adjusted for age-appropriate groups! 



This PE class includes fundamental instruction such as position play, drills, and techniques. Special emphasis will be placed on bunting, hitting, base running, and fielding. Helmets are provided, but your child may bring their own. Games will be played at each session.



Kickball is a very simple sport and is popular with our students. A large rubber ball is used for making contact with the runner either by tagging or throwing below the waist. The two teams will run the bases at the beginning of the class to choose which team will kick first.



Participants will practice dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing and shooting drills. There will also be plenty of fun exercises to enhance motor coordination. Proper footwork, positional play, crosses, distribution and a number of other techniques will be covered. Games will be played at each class.



Nerf Dodgeball is one of our most popular classes. This is a great cardio sport because of the jumping and dodging. The game also improves hand and eye coordination and quickness.

The balls used in this sport are made of a spongy and light plastic material and pose no problem when coming into contact with the students. These lighter weight balls move slower through the air and are easier to dodge.



This international sport has been modified for the EMH Sports program. The game is played with two teams. The team with the ball passes to other team members until one is able to throw it into the goal of the other team. There will be different size balls for age appropriate groups and skills will focus on throwing, catching and making goals. The rules and regulations will be discussed before each class session. 



In the track class participants will learn proper form, conditioning drills/games and running techniques. At each class session, 30 minutes will be spent on track work and 30 minutes on field events. Participants will not run over 100 meters and will work on their individual speed and endurance. Baton handoff and relay racing will be introduced. Field events will include the shot put and standing long jump. A PE track/meet will be held on the last class for students to participate in.



Participants will practice dribbling, passing/receiving, and finishing/shooting drills. There will also be plenty of fun exercises to enhance motor coordination. Proper footwork, positional play, crosses, distribution and a number of other techniques will be covered. Games will be played at each class.



Sports Rotation

Our programs provide Fun, Fitness, and Friendship. All activities are pre-planned and are taught by scope and sequence focusing on the physical, social and emotional development of each student. Our instruction encompasses Locomotor Skills, Psychomotor & Non-locomotor Skills which plays a critical role in developing a well-rounded physically fit student

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Adapted Physical Education
Physical Education

At EMH Sports, we recognize the crucial role that physical education plays in the development of well-rounded individuals. Our Physical Education program is designed to instill a lifelong appreciation for physical activity and healthy habits.


EMH offers a higher standard of instruction by providing a comprehensive physical education program that encourages students to live active lifestyles and build healthy habits.

Our Virtual Classes

Our programs provide Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.

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Experienced & Qualified Coaches

Experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential.

Customized Training Programs

Customized training programs and modules tailored to each athlete's specific needs and goals.

Adaptive Physical Education

We are committed to offer instruction for children with special needs

Why Choose EMH Sports?

At EMH Sports, we believe that every athlete has the potential to succeed. That's why we offer a range of services designed to help you reach your goals and achieve your full potential.

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Our Virtual Classes.

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Our programs provide Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.

Here are what some parents are saying about EMH Sports

“My daughter looks forward to her PE sessions. They have been a

bright spot during difficult times.”

J. Phethean

“Coach Lisa is absolutely incredible. She has made our first experience

so fun. Coach Lisa is 100% the reason I am adding my youngest

daughter to join in. Coach Lisa is kind, energetic, inclusive and fun! I

am extremely impressed with how she handles all the different types

and ages of children in our group and we couldn't be happier!”

J. Duran

“Coach Jason is an amazing person who cares deeply about the kids he

is responsible for. He's enthusiastic, attentive, makes things fun yet is

also not afraid so give correction when needed. My son respects Jason

very much and appreciates all that he does. He's says he's awesome

and cool, and loves attending class.”

R. Reza

“My daughter had a wonderful experience this year and went from

dreading taking this class to loving it.”

C. Gonzalez

“We have enjoyed our PE classes with EMH over the years and

especially working with Coach Jason. He does such a good job

connecting with all the kids - from the little ones to the high schoolers.

I have four boys who have gone though EMH classes, and I really

appreciate the connection Coach Jason seeks to make with all the

students - encouraging them in their athletic skills, making personal

connections with them (even giving some of them nicknames), as well

as fostering good sportsmanship. I highly recommend EMH!”

H. Hall

Riverside County PE Manager

Coach Edgar Balanza Jr.

Coach Edgar Balanza has been coaching with EMH Sports for more than seven years. He enjoys playing basketball and tennis. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Philadelphia Eagles. One of his joys of coaching is showing students new skills and sometimes even new sports they never heard of before. Coach Edgar says that the “look on their faces when they score a goal or do a certain move brings joy knowing how sports are impacting their lives while having a good time”. Coach Edgar enjoys hearing about students who fully enjoys a sport. Students throughout the years have told Coach Edgar that they would like to continue a sport even further outside of EMH Sports. It makes Coach Edgar happy knowing that by instructing a sport to students, it can further impact different their lives.

Orange County PE Manager

Coach Lisa Burnes

Coach Lisa Casullo Burnes has been with EMH Sports for over twelve years. Starting out as a Substitute Team Coach and now the Orange County Manager, she continued to be the Lead Coach for her classes and also an Adapted PE Coach. Coach Lisa has been teaching fitness, sports and all styles of dance for over 30 years. As a teenager, Lisa played ice hockey, basketball and even lettered in Indoor Track her senior year of high school all while continuing to study dance. She conducted many classes such as master dance classes, working with performing arts camps, taught at numerous dance studios across the country and for many different Parks and Recreation Department. She has traveled extensively with numerous dance and revue shows worldwide such as “Will Roger’s Follies”, “Annie”, “The Nutcracker” and “West Side Story”. For three years in a row, Lisa has starred as a Radio City Rockettes in “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” show. Lisa’s favorite sports are Basketball and Track & Field. Growing up outside of Boston Massachusetts, she roots for The Boston Red Sox and Celtics. Coach Lisa enjoys bringing her love of sports and dance to all students.

Los Angeles County PE Manager

Coach Jason Ramirez

Coach Jason is from Seacliff Beach California, which is a small beach town south of the Bay Area and has been with EMH Sports for over ten years. His favorite sports are Baseball, Football and Basketball. His favorite sports team are the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants and the Golden State Warriors. Coach Jason states he continues to have many fun experiences while coaching. Throughout the years, the students made signs for our coaches and lift up their spirits with appreciation. Coach Jason says “I am lucky to have some of the same students over the course of 10 years. It’s rewarding to watch them grow and help the newer students in class feel comfortable. I love watching students who might be shy or timid breakout out of their shell as time goes on. I enjoy how even if you are having a bad day, which we all do, once I get to class that all goes away for that hour and we have fun in class. I love watching students become leaders and finding their voice through sports. Sports are supposed to challenge you. It’s not supposed to easy, but at the same time, it’s about building bonds and having fun. I appreciate seeing students do their best and find success while potentially make life long friends.

San Diego County PE Manager

Coach Rashaan Miller

Coach Rashaan has been coaching with EMH Sports since the spring of 2022. He enjoys two things: teaching sports and participating in them! His favorite sports teams are the Golden State Warriors and the San Diego Padres. Coach Rashaan grew up playing all kinds of sports since 1st grade and personal favorites sports are basketball, dodgeball, and handball. Coach Rashaan views teaching as a pleasure to be a part of something bigger and helping students learn new sports every month. Coach Rashaan says “I hope that everyone that participates in EMH Sports takes at least one thing away in which they learn about during their class and most importantly, we want the students to have FUN!

Meet the Coaches

At EMH, we take pride in our dedicated and passionate team of professionals who are committed to providing the best experience for our participants. Get to know the faces behind our programs:

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