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Physical Fitness for Life

P.E. Class Pricing

Virtual PE Classes

Virtual PE includes 4 weeks of a single activity at 45 min per class session. The cost is $35 per month. We do not offer single day passes for Virtual PE Classes.

In-Person PE Classes

A full sport includes four 1-hour weekly meetings of a single sport during a single month. A new sport begins each month. Sometimes a class starts or ends in a current month due to holidays or weather-related issues. For the specific dates for each sport, please visit your class page. All EMH Sports PE Classes can be purchased as single days or as full months.

  • Single Day Passes are $12 per day pre-ordered online. These passes do not include makeups. It is $7.50 to remake a pass unless we cancel the date, in which case it is free.

  • We do not offer Free Trials unless you are being brought by a host family under the “Bring a Friend” promotion but they must sign you up first.

For the purchase of a full month (4 weeks) of a sport, we offer 3 levels (no prorating, must buy all 4 weeks):

  • Economy Level: $40 includes no makeup days. It is for a full month at the same park for the listed dates of that sport (one weekly one-hour class). We do not prorate or give credits for missed classes unless we cancel a class.

  • Deluxe Level: $45 includes 1 makeup day. If you miss a class that you prepaid for using Deluxe pricing you can get a free pass to a different location or sport. Can also be transferred to a sibling or guest. This offer expires if no dates are missed for that sport. Please request a day pass or credit within 7 days of the missed date.

  • Premium Level: $50 includes 2 makeup days. If you miss a day or want to try out a different park instead, you can request up to 2 free day passes in lieu of your original date. This offer expires if you do not miss any dates or request your makeup passes. Please request a day pass or credit within 7 days of the missed date.

There are no additional registration fees for online orders, although late fees apply to RUSH orders and payments that come in the day before or day of class. Please place your orders and make payments several days before your class in order to avoid extra fees! We do not offer registration at the park.

Credits, Makeups, Refunds, Prorating

We do not prorate or give credits for missed classes unless we actually cancel the class. If you miss a day, you can buy a Makeup Pass for $7.50. Please contact Customer Service to assist you. One makeup option is included with the Deluxe PE Class. Premium level has 2 free makeups.

One Day Passes are available for purchase if you wish to make up a missed class or visit a park for one day. Or you can purchase the Deluxe or Premium PE Class and request your makeup(s) to other dates or parks.

Once you make a purchase, we do not give refunds in most cases. Credits or makeup days are issued for rain days or other times when we cancel class. Once a date has passed, we do not issue credits, you can only purchase makeup days. If you cancel a month after it begins, $10 per day will be charged for classes already held, even if you did not attend.

School Funds, Checks, Credit Cards, PayPal

  • We are vendors with many charter schools.

  • We also use PayPal for processing credit/debit cards. We accept checks by mail, but not at the park. We do not accept cash payments so please register online and pay in advance.

Other Offerings

Sports clinics are offered at certain locations and will have their own pricing per clinic. Some clinics are offered through local Parks and Rec programs and registration is handled by their staff. We also offer Adaptive PE, Private Lessons, Private Group Instruction, Afterschool Programs, Group Events, and Promotional Classes to homeschool groups wanting to open new locations. Please contact us for pricing on these activities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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