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Bring a Friend

EMH offers a Free “Bring a Friend Pass” when you preorder for a guest. Your child may bring a new friend for FREE to the same location where you are registered. This must be a person from a new family who has not attended any EMH classes in the past. Please keep in mind to register at least two business days before class to avoid Rush Fees. For guests that have already attended before, please buy a One Day Pass for them or have their parent register for the month.

Below are Guidelines That Must Be Followed:

1. You must register and pay for your own child for the class first. You can buy a Day Pass for your child or the full month.

2. The new parent must create an EMH account, set up a student profile(s), and sign AP form(s). We must have registration in advance so that we have the proper staffing at the park. You may bring more than one friend as long as each one has the paperwork (LIMIT: no more than 2 families free per month please).

3. Once the new parent creates their EMH account, sets up a student profile(s), and signs AP form(s), please contact our EMH team so we can add your “Bring a Friend” credit to their new account ($12 value). Please provide the name and information of the family who reviewed the new family to EMH Sports.

4. Once an EMH team member adds your “Bring a Friend” credit to the new family’s account, please register for a Single Day Pass for the class you would like to attend with the family who referred you. On your checkout page, please use your $12 credit. Please keep in mind to register at least two business days to avoid Rush Fees ($5 per student, $10 max).

5. You will receive a $5 credit towards a future sport class if your friend signs up for the full month or for a different sport month after attending. Please notify the team if you do not see your $5 credit at the end of the month.

If you have any questions, please let us know and HAVE FUN!!

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