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Physical Fitness for Life


EMH can design and provide an after-school sports program for your students. At many schools, years of budget cuts have chipped away at sports and other activities considered nonessential. EMH can help your school fill that gap by offering a variety of sports activities tailored to fit your student body.

Our program offers students the physical benefits associated with involvement in organized sports and fitness activities including improvements in hand-eye coordination, balance, aerobic capacity, and body awareness. Our simple premise is to create a fun and safe environment for kids under the supervision of trained instructors.  In addition, we hope that participation in our program also brings a number of emotional health benefits such as an increase in confidence, independence, and resiliency. All of these benefits are especially important as they contribute to an improved self-image and feeling of self-worth which are critical to a child's healthy development.

Intramural Sports

EMH can also assist your school or community in developing intramural sports teams. Intramural sports are designed to invite students of varying levels of ability to participate in a team sport.

Management/Development of Sports Program/Curriculum

EMH can manage or develop a custom sports program for your school that can become a promotional benefit for the student-athlete. We can manage your current teams or develop a program with your sports of choice.

Adaptive PE

We have specially-trained instructors who can develop a program for your special-needs child(ren). We can also work with adults and organizations. Please see our APE page for more information.

P.S.S.P. (Psycho-Social Sports Program)

EMH Sports USA offers sports programs for P.S.S.P. students. The purpose of the P.S.S.P. program is to provide a transitional social experience for students that have been deemed At-Risk and or Behaviorally Challenged, through sports. The curriculum consists of knowledgeable content for each sport that is taught, including skills, fundamentals, and strategies. Additionally, the students will experience problem-solving techniques in a group setting, recognize the importance of a unified effort when setting goals as a team, and gain an understanding of the rewards as well as consequences behaviorally.

Group Events

EMH can provide special team-building and social events for your school, park group, or business. Please see our events page for options.

Sports Services

Please contact us for more details on any of the following programs and services...

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