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Refunds and Account Credits

EMH Sports does not issue refunds in most cases, unless we stop providing PE services to your location and/or you close your account completely with us.

  • Classes cancelled by us are always credited when a makeup is not offered. If we offer a makeup, you can choose to get a credit instead by filling out this form.

  • Dates you miss that were held by us can be credited/made up. The cost depends on your original purchase.

  • Economy PE classes do not have free makeups/credits. You can buy a Makeup Pass to attend a different class.

  • Our Deluxe and Premium classes include more flexiblity with making up missed classes. The Deluxe price includes one makeup per sport and the Premium price allows for two makeups.

  • School funds will never be refunded to the parent, but can be credited for future use.

Missed Classes and Prorating

The cost of a month is less than our 4 single day price when you buy all 4 weeks of a sport. Therefore, EMH Sports does not reduce the monthly price or credit for missed classes unless we actually cancel a class session. In that case we may prorate for you, or issue free makeup passes or credits. If you already paid for the first day at the park or used a pass, you can prorate the cost of the full month and take off one day. The actual value depends on your purchase price for the month and whether or not there were any discounts/add-ons. Please contact Customer Service regarding the prorated amount

If you miss a scheduled class day for personal reasons (illness, field trips, late registration, car problems, too hot or windy, etc), we do not prorate or give credits for that day if we still held class, but we do have some options for you:

  • We offer Makeup Passes for purchase of $7.50 each so that you can attend any park or date that we offer as a makeup day.

  • We also offer single Day Passes that you can buy instead of full months so that you can attend fewer dates. These are great for new families wanting to try EMH Sports or months where you know you will miss several days.

  • Deluxe and Premium level classes include free makeup options if you notify us of an absence within 7 days.


Please consider your orders carefully before you place them, and double-check everything before checking out. Unless changes are due to EMH Sports action (cancelling or changing your class, for example), there is a $5 fee for any changes once we process your order. If you have no credit or school funds we can use, you will need to send a check or PayPal payment.

If EMH Sports cancels your class, we will always offer a Makeup Class/Makeup Extensions or credit depending on the situation. If you cannot attend a makeup day we offer, you may receive credit on your EMH account if you respond to the Makeup Class notices on your Parents Dashboard.

If you wish to cancel a full or partial registration for personal reasons, it must be done by 12:00 NOON the day before the class is held. Otherwise, you will be charged in full for the next day's class and any classes already held. If you cancel late and we already held a class, you can either:

  • Go ahead and pay for the full month, attend what you can, and get makeups for the missed dates in accordance with our makeup policies

  • Cancel remaining dates and pay for the dates we already held at the day pass price.


Refunds are not available for deposits in most cases. It can be used as a credit only, unless you are closing your account with us and the deposit was paid out of your own personal funds. If you have a deposit on your account, it is possible to request that it be turned into a credit. However, the deposit might be required to remain on your account if it is being used in place of unpaid classes. As long as the deposit stays on account, it will cover your family until we receive payment and we will allow you to use all of the perks of a deposit.

The deposit will only be available to use once the funds it covers are received. School vouchers and POs are not actual funds; we don't have payment until the sport ends and we are able to bill and get a check. Schools pay us 30-60 days after we bill at the end of each sport. If you are closing your account permanently with us and have some deposit left that you cannot use, you can transfer it to another family for free or discuss a possible refund with us, depending on how it was paid. In some cases we can also refund your school.

EMH Credits

EMH Credits can be issued for a number of reasons (classes we cancel, referral credits, overpayment, etc). If you have EMH Credits, it will show on your Dashboard with descriptions of available credits and credits used. Your credit amount will also be displayed when you are checking out and can be automatically applied to your total amount.

A credit can be issued as a Day Pass, monthly registration, or a monetary credit, depending on the reason for the credit and how you want to use it. You can use a credit on any future order and you can use day pass credits to purchase part of a month and pay the balance for the rest. If your order goes to PayPal with the wrong total, PayPal will just charge you the listed price, so be sure to check your total before paying! We will credit any overpayment to your EMH account.


Deposits and credits are fully transferrable in most cases. If you give us the name of an EMH account holder, we can transfer your funds to any other family! You can also transfer any payment to a different park or month. There is a $5 Change My Order fee to do so unless we cancelled or changed our offerings. You may also owe for classes held if they already started.


In most cases, EMH Sports does not issue refunds unless we cancel your location and you cannot attend any of our other classes. Please keep in mind the following:

  • We do not give refunds for money paid by schools or free/referral credits.

  • We do not refund classes you missed that were held by EMH Sports.

  • We might be able to give you EMH Credit, depending on the issue.

  • You can also donate your credits to another family or our hardship scholarship fund.

  • If you paid a deposit out-of-pocket or have other unused personal payments and are closing your account with us permanently, you can ask for a refund minus any cancellation or class fees owed.

  • Refunds to your school must be requested in accordance with their own refund policies and can be complicated. There is no guarantee that your school will make that refund available to you for your use.

  • If you feel you should have a refund for any reason, please contact our office and a customer service representative will work with you to come to a solution. Cancellation credits will take into account how you paid, the date you cancelled (in writing, not orally), which product(s) you bought, any discounts you used, classes that were held even if you did not attend, etc.

Please read our Policies and FAQ pages for details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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