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School Funds - Policies and Procedures


Please note: Even though we do take school funds, school funding is only a payment method, but it is not your registration. You must also register for your sports classes directly through EMH Sports or your child will not be on the roster. 

Schools do not register children with us. All of the conditions below must be met before your child will be allowed to participate, so please allow enough time to complete registration AND have funding approval sent to us. 

You must have the following:

  • A Parent Account on our site.

  • A Student file for each child with their correct name, school, birthdate, medical notes (if needed) etc.

  • A permission form (AP Form) signed by the child's parent or legal guardian.

  • Registration for monthly classes or Day Passes.

  • Funds or POs from your school in our office before class starts, or a non-refundable out-of-pocket deposit will be needed. If no funds were received before the first class, a $10 deposit per student would be needed to participate in class. After Week 1 and no PO has been received, we would require a full month deposit per student. You may have credit or a locked deposit that can cover the deposit amount.

Please complete your account, files, and forms on our website first (you only have to do this once). Then register each child for each class and choose the payment method you are using. Immediately contact your school and let them know you will be participating with us.

*All ordered months, names, sports, etc must match on both our website and the school paperwork, so please make sure your months, classes, prices, and student names match the classes and names you filed with your school.

Registration with school funds must be approved by your school 2 business days before class or a non-refundable out-of-pocket will be required per student. If you make a one month deposit per student, you can qualify for discounts.


School funds must be for the full amount of the registration(s) ordered unless you qualify for a discount. If you have a full deposit on account with us, you may use our bulk or earlybird discounts. The sibling discount does not apply with school funds. If you have a partial credit or if you paid out-of-pocket for part of the fee, you can get school funds for the other portion.

If you miss part of a month, we do not prorate the cost. You can buy Makeup Passes if you registered for class ($7.50 out-of-pocket or free if you bought Deluxe or Premium level class, please request within 7 days of missed class) or Day Passes if you can't attend all 4 weeks of a sport. This does not apply to virtual classes - we do not offer makeups unless we cancel class.


EMH works with many different schools to secure funding for your sports. The schools are listed in the green box. Click on your school name to read more about your school procedures. Each school may have additional procedures you must follow, so please check with your school also!

When you register, select your school name as payment method. As the funds come in to our office, we will clear your children and you will see green boxes on your Dashboard for each cleared month.

In general, here are the basic types of funding:

Purchase Orders/Certificates

If you are using Purchase Orders (POs) or Payment Certificates from your school, please make sure they have your child’s name, sport(s), and month(s) listed on them. We cannot bill until the end of each sport for that month but we allow you to attend classes anyway as long as funds are for the full amount of the class at the monthly price. If your school will not pay for certain dates due to school holidays, you must pay the balance out-of-pocket.

Once you request funds from the school, the school must notify us that the funds are available and reserved. Usually this means that they will email us a copy of the completed purchase order or upload it on their OPS system. Sometimes, PO’s may go to you instead so please forward any completed POs to We need the final version, not just your request receipt or a Order Agreement.

Keep in mind the following:

  • POs must state the name of the child, sport month, and amount.

  • The school must email it to us at least one business day beofre the first day of class at noon or a out-of-pocket nonrefundable deposit will be required. If you do not want to attend class or pay a deposit your order, you will have to wait to participate. If we do not receive payment by week 2, you will be charged for 2 dates, whether or not you attended, and your order will be cancelled. Reactivation fees may apply to reactivate your order.

  • If you come to class without clearance or a deposit, you will have to pay a flat $15 Walkup Fee per child for the day. A portion of that might be applied as a deposit/credit if you go back and order the full month.

  • We must be able to bill your school at the end of the sport. Schools do not pay until after classes are completed. Any payment that cannot be billed at the end of the month will require a deposit or payment by the parent. If your school does not honor your PO, or if you leave your school, you will be responsible for payment and a deposit will be required for future orders.

  • Cancellations must be received in writing (email) before our ordering deadline (NOON). You will be responsible for payment once classes start, whether you attend or not. Class dates already held will be charged the one day price.

Please do not bring school certificates, school emails, etc to the park! Coaches cannot clear your child to play based on school paperwork. If your child is not clear and on their printed roster they will have you fill out the one day participation paperwork and pay the walkup fee.

School Vouchers

If you are using Vouchers from your school, please make sure your vouchers are billiable monthly, or you must have a separate individual voucher for each child's sport month. Each voucher must have the child’s name, sport, and month  clearly listed, as well as parent signature and date (post-dated for the end of that sport) if required by your school. We do not bill the school until the end of each sport for that month.

We do not allow vouchers for partial months. If your school will not pay for certain dates due to school holidays, you must pay out of pocket for those dates. We don't prorate for missed/unpaid dates unless we cancel.

Once you receive your vouchers from the school, you can email them to us. If we need you to physically mail the originals, please note the following steps:

  • Sign and post date each one for the end of that sport month as per your school's requirements. Some schools do not require parent signatures.

  • Mail the entire batch to our P.O. address. Please allow extra processing time for mailed vouchers. If anything is wrong, you will have to print, sign, and mail them again. You can send all your vouchers at once, and post date them for the end of each month. We will only bill the months as they are completed but we need all ordered vouchers in office before class begins. Please do not bring vouchers to the park! Coaches cannot collect and mail your vouchers for you.

  • If there is not enough time before class, please email us a copy of the numbers and amounts (photo, scan, pdf, etc) for the current sport and then physically mail them. We will clear your child for one week. We must still get the originals in the mail by week 2 or a deposit will be required.

If you do not have the vouchers by the first day of class, a deposit will be required. A late fee or cancellation fee may apply if we don't get them by the second class even if you don't attend classes. If you come to class without clearance, you will have to pay a Walkup Fee per child for the day.

Other School Arrangements

If your school has a special contract with us, please check with your school to see if any paperwork is needed. You may need to request a PO or sign a Fund Release Form. Some schools have certain requirements such as only paying for days you attend, or only paying for certain months, or a cut off for their deadlines. We will do our best to work with you and your school if you contact us. If you come to class with questions, the coach will not be able to help and you may have to pay a Walkup Fee that day until your registration is resolved.


Our policy is that we must have school funds by NOON on the last business day before class in order for your family to participate. Otherwise, you will need to pay a $10 deposit per child to keep your registration active for Week 1 of class, whether you choose to attend or not. If you choose not to attend Week 1, you will still be responsible for payment that week, as we do not prorate when classes are held.

By Week 2, full payment is due, either with school funds or a deposit. If we do not receive a PO before the second class, a full month’s deposit will be required per child ($40 for Economy, $45 for Deluxe, $50 for Premium classes). This deposit will be a “Locked EMH Deposit” so if your school is late on POs, your family is always cleared to play for one month. If we do not receive a PO or a full deposit by Week 2 per student, payment will be required for classes already held and your child may be dropped from our roster. To reactivate your registration, we will need payment and a written notice that you still want to attend. Additional fees may apply.

Registration with school funds is a "delayed payment" method. Schools do not pay us in advance for classes even when they remove funds from your school account and send us purchase orders or vouchers. It can take 30-60 days after a sport ends for us to get paid. If a school has not paid by 45 days after class ends, families will have to pay a deposit going forward. At 60 days all deposits will be used to pay for the class, and only replaced after we get a school check.In some cases, we will require a deposit until we receive the actual funds from your school (not just the purchase orders). We also require deposits if you want to use any discount coupons.


Please observe our registration deadline! All registration and payments must be completed 2 business days before class so that we can prepare our rosters for the coaches. Waiting until the day before or day of class or asking us to rush your order over weekends and holidays will incur extra RUSH fees or you will have to wait a week to attend class.

For families using school funds, your P.O./Voucher or other school approval notices must received by our office before the deadline in order to participate. Our participating schools have been alerted that funding requests should be turned in to them at least 7-10 days before class starts in order to give everyone time to process the necessary paperwork. Deposits can allow your child to play before we have final clearance.

Question -  “What if my school’s payment approval is late?”

A - If your school funds are not in the office by NOON on the last business day before class, your child will be on the pending roster and can only participate if you are willing to pay a deposit, which will be credited to your EMH account once your PO arrives. This fee is not refundable but can be used for a future class as a credit or a locked deposit.

By week 2 of a sport your class must be paid in full. If we still do not have school clearance, you will have to pay the balance and once your funding arrives that deposit can be used as a credit. If you do not take care of deposits/payments in advance, your child will not be allowed to play, so please do not go to the park with questions for the coach. There is a walk-up fee per child to play for the day if your child is not clear. We still charge for dates held even if you do not attend due to late payment, so it is best for you and your child if you make a deposit.


EMH Sports offers certain discounts for ordering early or in bulk. However, we only allow these discounts when your sports are prepaid. Since schools do not prepay for classes, you must make a full deposit equal to one month of classes per child to EMH Sports before you can use discounts.

Sibling discounts do not apply at all when school funds are used for any of your children, but you can use the earlybird and bulk discounts.

Prorating, Credits, Refunds, Missed Classes and Makeups

  • We do not prorate for missed weeks if you order late or do not attend a date class is held. The only time you can prorate is if we cancel a class date or if you paid for a Day Pass for Week 1 and then want to prorate the balance of a month.

  • If your school does not pay the full amount of the class, you must pay out of pocket for the balance due before the first day of class!

  • If EMH cancels a class, a makeup will be provided or you can request a credit or a free pass for future use.

  • If you do not attend a prepaid class date but class was held, there may be a fee for a makeup depending on how you are paying. We do not issue credits or prorate your payment.

  • We do not issue refunds unless we cancel your entire class location.

  • If you are owed any refunds or credits, they will not be issued until your school pays us. We will bill your school AFTER each sport month is over, and we get usually get paid the month after we bill. Any credits due to you will appear on your account after that.


Please note that both EMH Sports and your school have expectations that you will attend classes once you sign up. If you sign up for a class, a full year or a semester and then drop out, we must be notified by you personally in writing (email) before class is held. Do not expect your school or your coach to cancel your order for you. Schools can only cancel payment methods but that does not remove your child from our roster. You will still be responsible for payment if you do not come or cancel in a timely manner. we need to know before class so that we can change your registration and our teams if necessary. We hire our coaches and pay our park fees, buy equipment, etc, based on the headcount for each park, so please communicate promptly if you are not coming. There will be no credits issued if you do not cancel before our deadline.

Once class has been held you can only cancel future classes. Makeups can be purchased for classes held if you did not attend. With some purchases, makeups are included, or you can buy them individually per day per child. Please read your product notes carefully. If EMH Sports cancels class, you are not responsible. We will offer a makeup day, credit, or refund.

Special Situations

Please note that your school policies and ours may not line up completely. For example, your school may not pay for holidays or missed weeks, while EMH would still require payment for those dates. Or your school may require that you order full months, while EMH allows you to order day passes for just certain days.  We may charge extra for late fees and Makeup Passes that your school will not pay for. We might offer a discount that your school does not take into account or a credit that your school funds cannot adjust for.

We do our best to work with each school and understand their policies. If you have any question about how to order or work with both EMH Sports and your school, please send us an email and we would be happy to explain.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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