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In most cases EMH Sports does not prorate for missed weeks. Our monthly cost is reduced from the one-day price based on the purchase of a full month. We do have a few exceptions when we allow you to prorate. Please keep in mind the following:

Exemptions of Prorating:

  • If EMH canceled class - If one or more weeks of a sport was canceled by us due to rain, heat, park closure, or other reasons. In that case a Makeup Class Day or Makeup Extensions is usually offered. If you cannot attend the Makeup class or the Makeup Extensions, you can request a Makeup Pass to another class, an account credit, or prorate that month or future months if you have not yet paid for it.

  • If EMH did not offer 4 weeks - If we started a sport late and/or only offered 1-3 weeks. This can happen due to low enrollment week 1 or a holiday that interferes with scheduling at your park. For example, December is commonly a short sport-month.

  • If you already paid for part of the month - If you used a Day Pass for week 1, paid for a walkup at the park, use the “Bring a Friend” promo, makeup day pass, etc, you can prorate the rest of the month ONLY if you buy the entire month of that sport. This is because one or more of the dates were already paid for.

In all other cases, if you want to buy fewer than 4 weeks, you will need to pay for single Day Passes or you can buy the full month and purchase Makeup Passes for the weeks you missed.

Alternatives to Prorating:

If you already paid more, or don't want to figure out the prorate amount, you may:

  • Get a Day Pass - If you pay for the full month price, we can issue you a free one day pass or pass credit for any week that was not offered by us.

  • Get an Account Credit - If you overpay our staff will often catch it and issue you a credit. But please check your account, and if you do not see one, please contact Customer Service

Rules for prorating:

  • Personal Absence - You cannot prorate when you miss class for personal reasons, only when EMH Sports cancels or does not offer a class. But you can always buy Makeup  Passes instead for classes you miss. Some products include free makeups such as purchasing a Deluxe or Premium class.

  • School Funding - If you are using school funds there might be restrictions on how and when you can prorate, depending on your school. Please contact Customer Service to confirm the correct prorating pricing.

  • Holidays - If we hold class on a school or public holiday, we do not prorate. If you are using school funds and they do not pay for certain non-school dates or holidays but we hold class, you cannot prorate the month even if you do not attend. You will have to pay for the additional class(s) out-of-pocket. You can choose to buy single Day Passes instead if you prefer or you can order Deluxe or Premium class and get a makeup credit for the holiday date.

  • Sibling Discount - If you are using the sibling discount and qualify for a prorated price, you can prorate as listed below. Ask Customer Service if you need help with amounts.

  • Other Discounts - If you are using one of our other discounts (Earlybird or Bulk Discounts) and qualify for a prorated price, you can prorate the discounted price as listed below. Ask Customer Service if you need help with amounts.

Weekly Breakout

Here is the cost of each class broken down by the number of weeks that WE HOLD. If we canceled certain weeks, or you paid for some dates already at the park or with day passes, use the chart to see how much the additional dates will cost. (Do not take off what you paid for your passes or at the park, instead, figure what you still owe from this chart). This only works when buying the full month. If you are not paying for all dates that we held, buy single day passes instead.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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