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Physical Fitness for Life

EMH Sports offers private Physical Fitness/Sports Training (one-on-one) sessions. 

Whether the student is a novice and is taking their first steps toward fitness, or is an exercise/sport fanatic, we can provide coaches to optimize their individualized goals. We have a set of skilled, personal fitness trainers that have also been certified through EMH’s in-house training program.


For your convenience, EMH will conduct private training sessions at offsite locations mutual to both the trainer and the student. For those students who would feel more comfortable working out of their homes, we can offer a virtual accommodation. Click here for more information on our Virtual Fitness Experience.


  • $80 private one-on-one 1-hour session

  • $120 family 1-hour session

EMH accepts EU payments from your homeschools. POs or personal payments must be received before lessons can be scheduled.

Please email, subject line: “Private Lessons” for an instructor near you. Customer Service will then send you a PE Fitness Training Questionnaire to be filled out.

Private Lessons (In Person)

80 private one-on-one 1-hour session; $120 family 1-hour session

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